How To Have A Healthy Relationship 

Do you believe in destiny? Are you one of those who dream of a fairy tale like love story where a damsel in distress gets saved by her knight in shining armor and then they live happily ever after? Do you dream about meeting the love of your life and conquering all of life’s trials hand in hand? Sorry to burst your bubble but life is not a fairy tale, and love is much more complicated than those depicted in movies and books. Yet, a healthy, loving, and long lasting relationship is still feasible if you follow the following tips.  

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  1. Find someone who has the same values as you do.
    You will me thousands of people in your lifetime and all of them will have an impact on your life, whether big or small. Finding someone who values the same things you do can be a one in a million chance. When you find that someone, hold on to him/her. Never compromise your values and morals for someone who diminishes them. 
  2. Know your love language.
    Your love language expresses how you want to be loved. The same is true with your partner. How he/she shows you love is the way he/she wants to be shown love. If you know your partner’s love language, it will be easier for you to express your affection whether it be with material gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, or physical touch. Your partner doesn’t give you material gifts? Maybe he shows his affection by picking you up at work everyday and spending time together for dinner. He doesn’t say “I love you”? Maybe he cooks your breakfast and prepares your snack to tell you he does love you. 
  3. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
    Or what others would say, choose your battles. If you can let go of the small things, just do it. Do not make everything a big deal because more often than not, they are just little annoyances. Leaving a piece of sock on the bathroom floor won’t kill you, and you can always ask him to put it in the laundry basket. If you can live with a little snoring, then don’t make it an issue. 
  4. Always put your best foot forward.
    Remember in the courting stage, when you can’t leave the house without wearing your favorite scent? Or that second date when you made sure she won’t be cold so you offered her your coat? Or that pre-farting-on-each-other’s-faces period when you just want to put your hands all over her and kiss her from head to toe? You have to keep doing that.  You have to keep doing things that make your partner happy. Guys, you have to pursue her everyday, and girls, you have to remember the things that he liked about you and never change them. 
  5. Appreciate each other.
    When you’re in a long-term relationship, you sometimes tend to take for granted the little things, like kissing goodnight, or holding hands while walking, or offering to make his coffee for breakfast. Sometimes, we tend to be so complacent that we forget to appreciate the things our partner do for us. A little ‘thank you’ can go a long way in relationships. Make it habit to say thank you every chance you get, and make sure you mean it. 

A real-life relationship may be far from the fairy tales we read about, but having a healthy one is enough to believe in an everlasting love. 

How To Recognize A Fake Online Dating Profile 

In this day and age when everything we need is just a button click away, romantic relationships are no exception. People have been using the Internet in their attempts to find potential partners, and this is not something new. Our society have accepted the fact that online dating is actually a thing, and while it can be rough out there sometimes, it can also lead to something more – something that we all aspire to have – an lasting romantic relationship. 

online dating 

While online dating is becoming more and more popular, with the advent of easy access mobile applications like Tinder and OkCupid, some people may still be wary about trying it out for various reasons, but mainly for safety. This is a legit concern, however, there are several ways to look after yourself while relishing the experience that is online dating. Check out the following signs that scream a fake online dating profile.


  1. Check their published photo/s on the profile.
    A profile without a picture says something. It’s either they look unbelievably terrible even they are ashamed to publish their own photo, or they are trying to hide behind a different person. Whatever their reason is for not uploading a picture on their profile, these profiles are obviously not to be trusted.
  2. Ask for their Facebook profile.
    It’s year 2017 and even dogs have Facebook accounts, it is a little suspicious if one has an online dating profile but none on Facebook. While being on Facebook is not a surefire indication that that person is an actual sane human being, it makes it easier to learn more about them (aka stalk them) through their Facebook profiles. When you at least have their Facebook profile, you can look through their photos, or maybe message some of his friends, or just simply be a creepy lurker. People nowadays put literally everything on Facebook so whether the person is fake or not, it is sure easier to find out on there.
  3. Ask for a video chat (or at least a voice call).
    This is one easy way to confirm whether a dating profile is fake or not. Politely (and flirtatiously) ask for a Facetime session, and if they agree and do actually look like the person in their profile, then good. If they decline, and give you excuses, accept them the first time, and then ask again the next day. If they still don’t want a video or voice call at least, then ditch that profile and go find a new one, because that one is probably fake.
  4. Google them.
    Everyone puts a little bit of themself online, whether on social media sites, online dating platforms, or maybe they wrote about themselves on Wikipedia. Searching for someone has become an easy task, thanks to Google. You can even reverse search their photos on Google. If their photos match up with other people’s profiles, then that may indicate the fakeness of their profile.
  5. Ask for a personal, face-to-face, in the flesh meet up.
    When you’ve been talking to someone online who you find interesting and everything goes well, it should always lead up to you meeting that person in the flesh. Most of the times, if they are interested too, this is a no brainer. People who are eager to know you will most likely ask to meet you in person sooner than later. However, if they have no interest in meeting you personally, but still want to just keep chatting with you online, then that’s not a good sign.  

Online dating has influenced the dating world in a major way. It is a fun way to meet new people who interest you, and is an avenue in finding romantic relationships, but keep in mind that your safety still comes first always. Protect yourself by keeping a level head, being mindful of what and how much you share. People on online dating sites are strangers and just like in your offline life, strangers should be dealt with caution.