How To Plan A Surprise Bridal Shower For Your Bestfriend 

So, your bestfriend is getting married in a few weeks, and what best way to celebrate the last few moments of her being single than to surprise her with a bridal shower. Imagine having a party with all of your girl friends, awesome food and booze, fun and kinky games, no inhibitions allowed. Pretty sure your bride-to-be bestfriend will enjoy all of that! So here’s some tips to remember in planning an unforgettable bridal shower. 

 Bridal Shower

Tip #1: Pick a date. 

A bridal shower is often done at least a month before the wedding date. Plan ahead to choose a date that is acceptable for the bride-to-be. Inform your guests of the chosen date and remind them to never ever tell the bride that there is a party being planned for her. 


Tip #2: Choose a theme 

Bridal showers, just like any other party, will be more cohesive if you have a theme in mind. Think of the bride-to-be and her favorite things. Is it the beach? Does she love reading? Does she enjoy a relaxing spa treatment? Think of something she will enjoy the most, and focus your décor, games, and other activities on that theme.  


Tip #3: Prepare some enjoyable activities  

Aside from eating and drinking, think of activities and games that your friend would enjoy.  Do parlor games sound interested? Or maybe a dancer a la Magic Mike would be better? Or both? 

Tip #4: Choose a venue 

Once you have decided on the theme, find a location that will compliment your theme. A hotel room, a friend’s house, a private high ceiling function area, and a water spa resort are all great options. If you are going for outdoor venues, make sure you have a backup plan in case it rains. If you are in for indoors, keep in mind the comfort of the bride-to-be and the guests. Consider the lighting and air conditioning for everyone’s comfort. For your air conditioning services, you may contact Tampa air conditioner.  


Tip #5: Plan your menu 

One thing that will make your party memorable, aside from your friends’ company, is the food. People always remember food. Plan your menu ahead of time and choose the best catering service. You must also consider the food preferences of your guests, if any. 


Tip #6: Keep booze overflowing 

Do you know what Cyndi Lauper said about girls? Yes, they just want to have fun. One way girls have fun is to have overflowing female-friendly booze. Keep an eye on those who are going to drive home, though. 


Tip #7: Choose the best music 

Music does a lot in a party. Whether you opt to hire a disc jock to play and mix your music, or just simply plug in your iPod to a speaker, always keep your playlist fun and danceable. 


Tip # 7: Enjoy the party 

No one wants a lame party. The last thing you want to do is for your friends to talk about how despicable your party is. You don’t want them, especially the bride-to-be, to leave your party unimpressed. You want to make this bridal shower epic and memorable that your bestfriend will remember for the rest of her life. So you and each of your guest should just have fun and enjoy! 

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