Do’s and Don’ts of Renting a Party Bus

Are you looking for a way to make your party memorable for everyone? You can actually hire a party bus where your event will be held. It is now becoming popular that people hire a bus rather than have a party at home. You can have a blast of your time while the driver roams you around the city.

But before you decide to look for a party bus for hire company, make sure you read the do’s and don’ts below:

1. Do make an inquiry about the service. Do not hire the first service you find because you are in a hurry to make a reservation. You have to make sure first the safety of your guests at the party. Ask questions regarding the age and model of the bus they have. Ask also on how to maintain their bus, the schedules of maintenance and how old the bus. Do not book on a company that has decades-old buses. You also have to inquire regarding the driver’s license, age and background information of the driver. You have to make sure that the company did a background check of the driver.

2. Don’t bring extra people to the party that are not on your guest list. One thing you should know is that party buses have a limitation of people to accommodate. You cannot just bring guests that you did not declare before hiring unless your guest list can be flexible. Most of the buses can accommodate 18 to 30 guests. So, before you invite others to make sure you have asked the company regarding the capacity of their bus.

3. Do ask for a written agreement. It is important to ask for a legal agreement when hiring a party bus. This is to make sure that all you planned is followed through by the company. In the contract, you have to put the number of guests, time and date of the party, bus the company rented, information of the driver, deposit, pickup and drop-off time and many more. This is to ensure that you stay on the budget and won’t be paying extra.

4. Don’t cram when hiring. It is essential that you have planned ahead of time for the party to ensure that you can hire a week or weeks away before the event. Many people make a mistake of hiring at the last minute. They end up having no party bus to hire because all are booked already. To ensure you will have the party you are looking for, hire ahead of time.

5. Do be polite on the driver. Party bus driver is trained to be polite and respectful to the guests. You also as a client needs to be polite and respectful to the driver. Remember, the safety of your guests is in his hand. If you have issues, you can always complain after the party to the company he is hired.

6. Don’t be late. Make sure you are on time according to the pickup schedule you booked. The company is charging you per hour so stick on your timeline. This is just to guarantee you that you stick to your budget while you enjoy the party. The party bus driver will drop you on the said time you also set.